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annual eye exams

Annual eye exams are an important part of your annual health physical. The experienced optometrists at Advanced Vision will deliver a comprehensive eye exam that will not only reveal the health of your eyes but may also alert your doctor of other possible health issues.
Having an annual eye exam is an important step in protecting your vision and ensuring optimal eye health.

Signs of Vision Problems in Adults

•  Double vision

• Difficulty reading
• Difficulty performing close-up work
• Changes in how you see color
• Impaired night vision
• Frequent changes to your eyeglass prescription
• Issues with glare from table lamps or sun
• Seeing halos around lights
• Seeing a white spot in the pupil
• Trouble with side vision

Signs of Vision Problems in Children

• Squinting of eyes, closing one eye or covering one eye
• Always holding things close to the face
• Tilting the head to one side
• Repeatedly rubbing eyes
• One or both eyes turn in or out
• Eye redness or tearing

• Double vision
• Difficulty reading

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